"MetronOhm's 'Without Without' restores the mind with serene melodies."


 "...the buoyant rhythm and ambiance carries you away from external chaos."


“...Metronohm Stirs the Soul with a playful, sultry mix of jazz, R&B, folk, and hip-hop.” 

Kevin Bronson

Buzzbands LA

"...The music of MetronOhm is a much needed dose of tranquility in a chaotic world."

Jonathon Reynoso

SF Sonic

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Dash 'n' Verve Radioshow and Interview

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MetronOhm and others join the Nasty Gal's top acts at EPR

Buzzband's Top 101 Songs of 2017


This countdown playlist, curated by Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands.LA, features MetronOhm's "White Rabbit"

PLAG Mag's 2017 Yearbook

MetronOhm Joins the list of PLAG's favorite artists!

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